Friday, September 7, 2012

Date Night | Pizza In The Freezer

Autry and I have a little trick we like to use when we buy pizza and have a lot left over...and it just so happens to be perfect for creating a second date night with no added cost!

What We Do
1. We buy pizza...usually from Little Caesars, but also from Pizza Hut & Mazzio's.
2. We enjoy our date.
3. We have a whole pizza leftover...
4. We freeze the leftovers for another date night the following week.

This is really easy to do! In my opinion it's a money saver of sorts because we aren't going out and buying another pizza since we already have it on hand. At the time of this post we've only done this twice, but I like it enough to keep doing it.

How to Freeze a Whole Cooked Pizza from a Restaurant
1. Stick the whole box in the freezer just like it is. Yes, if you leave it in there for two or more days you will get freezer burned pizza...but no worries, that's not how this works.
2. 6-8 hours later, or the next morning, pull out the pizza box. Break apart all the pieces, and store in an air tight container.
3. Return the pizza to the freezer in its new container.
4. In 5 or so days when you're craving pizza just turn the oven on 400 degrees, pull out the frozen pieces and put them on a pan and bake them just long enough to warm them back up (usually less than 15 minutes).


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