Friday, September 14, 2012

From My Bookshelf

In the process of working on getting things checked off my list for this month (read about that here), I went through my bookshelf and packed up my books into this trunk like thing which, when I move, will be a coffee table of sorts and is the perfect place to keep the books stored since I want them but don't read them very often.

My bookshelf before I packed up all the books.
This also doubled as storage for my many perfumes lol.
Top Shelf: school books and photo albums. The dog was given to me by my sister Em when I had to put down my puppy Jackie.
Middle shelf: My favorite books, some cd's, and unique little things.
Bottom Shelf: Books to read, some books I have read, and empty frames (far right).

Here are a few shots of the books I had on the shelf. I have a large variety of books I (used to) enjoy reading. I don't want to get rid of them because I am still holding onto the hope that my vision will clear enough for me to be able to focus on reading again.

Most of my Hardy Boys collection. I was never a Nancy Drew fan as a girl; I did read her books in my late teens though.
My favorite books growing up: Mandie! I loved the fact that she was of Cherokee Indian decent, like me!
The Wakefield Dynasty by Gilbert Morris. I'm actually missing book 5.

Well, there you have seen a little peek into my past life. :) I don't read much now because of my brain injury and because I have "fuzz" in my vision (it's like the stuff on the TV before you turn on the DVD player) which makes reading really, really hard for me. I would read what was necessary for college, but other books pretty much just sit there. I do have two books I'm working on right now, but I only read a page and then put it down until the next time I pick it up so who knows when I'll ever finish them.


  1. OMW girrrrrl...YOUR A HARDY BOYS FAN TOO??? I've always wanted the whole original series...and have you looked into the focous on the family audio drama series?! They are sooooooo GOOOOOD!!!

    1. Lol yes I am a huge hardy boys fan! I do want all th eoriginal books...and am about half way there I think. I don't remember when I got the ones I have but I've looked at garage sales for the ones I'm missing...usually only to find ones I have already.

      No I actually haven't looked into that. I like the ones with Mr. Whiticar? can't remember what they were called but I would listen to the tapes all the time when I was little.


    2. The Focus on the Family has some wonderful audio books! They have the whole Chronicles of Narnia series that our family likes and we also have their version of Les Miserables which is super good. :)


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