Thursday, September 27, 2012

I'm A Refashion Co-op Contributor!

I am so honored and pleased to now be a contributor over at Refashion Co-op! Yesterday evening I got an email which I didn't expect to show up so soon. Not long ago I filled out the form to be considered as a contributor for Refashion Co-op. I really thought I would be waiting for a long time, but I think it ended up being less than three weeks from the time of turning in the app and then receiving the invitation email! I've added a new little section to my sidebar buttons: Where I Contribute! I'm very grateful for this opportunity!

About Refashion Co-op
For those of you who don't know what Refashion Co-op is...let me tell you!! The focus of this blog is for many Refashionista's to come together and share their before-and-after pics of fashion projects they've recreated. This includes clothing, jewelry, purses, hats, shoes, etc.

My First Post
I was so excited to receive the invitation email that I accepted right away and got busy putting together my very first post and introduction! If you would like to see it then please click this link! I shared the popular refashion post: Denim Skirt w/Ruffle (on my blog this post has received over 100 views!). A bonus was I actually found a pic of the jeans before I refashioned them so I've added that to the original post!

Goals for Blogging at Refashion Co-op
I plan to start with my oldest refashion post and work up to my latest refashion posts by sharing them on Refashion Co-op. I think I will probably share one post a week for now. I will have to get myself busy sewing through my refashions box so that I can have even more posts to share on this amazing co-op blog!


  1. Very cool ~ hope this new opportunity helps you expand your audience. Thanks for stopping by today.


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