Sunday, September 16, 2012

Things I Heart | Cowgirl Boots

What girl doesn't want a pair of super adorable boots? I can't think of any! I used to own a pair of black boots, but I wore them so much that they fell apart. Even when I was little I had cowgirl boots which my grandparents bought for me!

At some point in the future it is very likely that Autry and I will go shopping for boots (since neither one of us currently own a pair and they really would be used a lot). I really look forward to that day, should it happen. I've been keeping an eye out for what styles I like and what's out there. I've found quite a few pairs I love.

All images were found via Pinterest. Original links are below each photo.

Corral Brushed Leather.
(Found via Buckle)
Corral. Ladies Brown w/Chocolate Inlayed Floral.
(Found via Cavenders)
(Found via Pinterest)
Laser Etched Corral Boots w/Pink Inlay.
(Found via Rocky Top Leather)
(Found via Pinterest)
Corral. Ladies Tobacco w/Tobacco Inlay Sharpey Western Boots.
(Found via Cavenders)
Ladies' Garden Boots.
(Found via King Ranch Saddle Shop)
Corral Lizard Inlay.
(Found via Sheplers)
Old Gringo Ladies Chocolate w/Natural Embroidered Lucky Horseshoe.
(Found via Pinterest)
(Found via Pinterest)
(Found via Hailey Haberman Photography)
Heart & Scroll. Tony Lama Boots.
(Found via Pinterest)
Lucchese Boots.
(Found via The Pioneer Woman)

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