Sunday, September 30, 2012

My Completed September Goals

The other day I asked my mom this question, "Is it a bad thing that I make all these huge lists of things to do, but never get the whole list done?" She said, "Well, if you didn't make a list you wouldn't do half the things you do. At least with a list you are busy and the things you get done are because you set a goal and worked towards it." That really helped encourage me a lot. I am always making so many lists: monthly blog goals, monthly personal goals, etc. I just needed to know it was a good idea, and not something I'm wasting my time on.

No matter how many things are left not marked out on this list, I do feel like I've had a very productive month and have gotten SO many posts written! This month I wrote more than 110 posts! More than I've ever written in an entire month! I

Each item marked out was completed...all the others will be passed on to October's blog-to-do list or my goals list, If I wrote a post about something on this list then it will be linked!

Goals For My Blog
Bible Reading Updates
Less than 30 draft posts
Granola Bar Recipe
Life Goals post
Bible Study
Make long denim skirt tutorial
Beauty Tips | Nails
Ranch recipe
Queen's Quilt post
Update Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe
Promote AP Bloggers

Goals For Me
Make Sending List For Wedding Announcements
Clean Bathroom
Call Ro!!!
Make Body Wash
Update BEB Facebook page
Finish Petticoat Skirt
Call about Health Insurance
Go Through Paper Box
Finish Multi-Color Ruffled Skirt
Make organizers from cereal boxes
Fold Laundry
Find/Print Bible Reading Chart
Look through WalMart registry
Type 5 recipes a day
Go through dresser paper drawer
Go through craft things
Find House Items List
Finish A&H Cross Stitch
Get to 50 Pinterest Boards
Arm Workout 3x weekly
Go through Stored Boxes
Make Meal Plans/Menus for Moving Out
Make September Blog goals list
I am proud of the things I've gotten done this month! It has been quite busy! I am looking forward to all I will get done in October!

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