Saturday, September 15, 2012

DIY Framed Lace

For the longest time I had a pin on Pinterest with no link and it was of framed lace. I absolutely loved the idea and, with this cleaning off/out Pinterest boards project, I ran across it again. This afternoon I looked up several tutorials (after entering the search words "framed lace" on Pinterest). None of them where what I wanted. I didn't want just the lace, I wanted a back in the frame so I could hang it on the wall, and I wanted to use scrap lace leftover from previous projects.

All of the other things in this pic are my mom's decor in her living room. I thought the frame looked better with the added stuff instead of being alone on a white wall and empty shelf.

What You Need
A frame (I'm going with the antique look in my new home, but any frame will do)
A piece of textured (or not) paper in a color which will go with your decor
Enough lace to cover the frame and then a little over the edges
Masking Tape


1. Take apart and clean your frame. Mine was in a box of frames my mom was getting rid of so it was quite dirty. I wiped down the frame part with a wet cleaning rag, and then used glass cleaner on the glass part.

2. Next, measure the glass...unless you already know what size it is. I didn't know so I had to measure mine.

3. Now cut your paper to fit the glass. Fortunately for me, my mom has this super nice paper cutter which she usually uses for scrapbooking so this step was easy!

4. Lay out the piece of lace you are using. Decide which part of the lace you want framed. For example, on my fabric I wanted the flower with defined petals framed off center with pieces of the remaining lace around it.

5. Put the piece of paper over the spot you want to have framed.

6. Using sewing scissors cut around the paper, leaving a little space (not quite an inch) around all four edges.

7. Flip over the paper (if you're like me and put the pretty side up lol).

8. Tape the shortest sides first. Just fold down the extra bit of lace at the top of the paper, put about a 2 inch strip of masking tape on it, and then fold up the bottom extra bit of lace and add masking tape to it.

This pic is a little blurry...and I didn't notice that until I loaded everything.

9. Now for the sides. This was a little tricky, but I figured it out fast. The side will start by looking goofy with a point on each of the four corners.

10. Using a finger push the point down between the taped edge of lace and the un-taped edge of lace.

11. Now, keeping your finger there to hold the lace, use the other hand to fold the lace down and make a pretty little point. Secure it with a piece of tape. And, depending on the size of your frame (mine was 5 by 7) you can add a piece of tape for the middle part which will help when you slide the paper into the frame.

12. Put the paper into the frame, and secure it with the back part.

13. Display your work proudly!

This little frame will be part of (so far 5) the antique frames I will be collecting to display Bible verses I want to cross stitch, and other little things in my new apartment. I am so glad I thought to grab these out of the get rid of boxes!

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  1. I LOVE the idea of framing lace - it's so pretty & simple!

    -Daisy Nguyen from PS BANANAS fashion blog:


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