Sunday, September 16, 2012

Things That Remind Me Of My Best Friend Ro

Ro (Ronita) has been my best friend for over two years now. We met back when I worked at Payless and she is the main reason I am in church and loving God! Before she moved we spent over half of the week together (usually me over at her apartment) and we would go shopping, talk, go to church, and have other friends from church over.

I have missed her so very much since she moved. These are a few things that when I see them I think about her.

All images were found via Pinterest. Original links are below each photo.

Ro said this so many times!
(Found via Pinterest)

Because everyone knew she scheduled too much into her days...
(Found via Pinterest)

Do not ask me why, but for some reason the smell of fresh cut grass was one of her favorite smells!
(Found via Pinterest)

Because you just can't wear heels if you already tower over the poor guy, and what girl wants to give up her heels?
(Foud via Pinterest)

This is so true!
(Found via Pinterest, slight editing by me...)

And then I'd laugh...I was so mean.
(Found via Pinterest)

The reason we have the next photo below:
(Found via Pinterest)

*We* never actually had a physical list, but we sure talked about "writing the names in a book" lol.
(Found via Pinterest)

Since I am the crafty person I am...I may just make her one of these! She'd love it!
(Found via Sew Delicious)

Southern Girls have hearts. Yes, Ro is from the South!
(Found via Pinterest)

Mississippi right there.
(Found via FatEyeDesign on Etsy)

According to Ro, there is no other school.
(Found via Allens Boots)


  1. Replies
    1. I did to got a church in Shawnee, OK. It is United Pentecostal. I haven't found a place close to home yet...but I am looking for a home church!

      Blue Eyed Beauty Blog

  2. This is so me :) It made me cry... I love and miss my heli!!!

    1. I know it made me cry too!! I really hate that we live so far away from each other now! :(



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