Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The 5 Things Game

Today my sisters, little brother, and I went down to the ice cream shop to get some ice cream. While we were waiting for our other food (burgers & fries) to be cooked I started this little game and it was SO fun! Everyone loved it! After we got back home I realized this would be a great game for a youth gathering. Even if there were new people in the group they would get to know the others better. Just a thought.

How to Play
We played three categories: 1) things you like, 2) things you dislike, 3) your top hobbies; but you could always add another category, or change the categories to something else. Another category we thought of was five things that annoy you most, but we didn't have time to get to it. And one I thought of while writing this post: things that scare you! For me that would be distracted drivers, spiders, getting stuck with needles at the hospital, etc.

Start with a group of people (we had 5 today). One person will be "in the spotlight" first. Everyone else not in the spotlight has to come up with the 5 things about that person for the category (for examples see some of the things that were said about me at the bottom of this post). The person in the spotlight CANNOT say anything except to confirm or deny the like, dislike, hobbies, etc. which the other players have suggested. Once 5 things are mentioned for the person in the spotlight, the light then moves to the person next to them and the 5 things are found out about them. Thus the spotlight and guessing continues until each person in the circle has been in the spotlight one time. Move on to the next category and start the spotlight moving again!

"Rules" of The 5 Things Game
~The person in the spotlight cannot give suggestions.
~The guessers have to make sure that the suggestions are in fact true by asking the person in the spotlight.
~Each person gets 1 turn in the spotlight per category.
~You can do as many categories as you want...I gave you 4 to get you going.
~Try not to say the same things for the likes and hobbies, etc. ...but if you can't think of anything else/don't know anything else THEN the person in the spotlight can tell you some things so you know more for the next round of the game.
~Same category things only count as one thing. For example for my brother we said computer games and video games as hobbies...that counted as ONE of the five things. And on my hobbies cooking and baking were put in the same number score.

Here are some of the things named for each time I was up in the spotlight. These are broken down to a few words...but there were a lot of suggestions which led to the overall topic per number. For example on the things I like #2 suggestions were: "you like country music", "you like boots", "you like trucks"...and it boiled down to a general category of "country anything".

Things You Like
1. My boyfriend
2. County Anything
3. Sewing
4. Photography
5. Natural beauty (aka no makeup)

Things You Dislike
1. Cussing
2. Immodestly dressed people
3. Pain (from my wreck: back pain, etc.)
4. Panic Attacks (also from my wreck)
5. Rock Music such as Journey, Styx, Boston, etc...don't judge.

Top Hobbies
1. Cooking/Baking
2. Sewing
3. Blogging
4. Time with Autry
5. Taking Photo's

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