Tuesday, September 18, 2012

4 Month Bible Challenge | In Psalms Book 2

The other night I was having a hard time falling asleep and so I decided to flip through a few different sections in the beginning of the Bible. That is when I stumbled across The Chronological Order of the Old Testament Bible. After I finished reading and looking through that section I moved on to the Psalms. I decided to write down the things I figured out and now I will share them with you!

Things I Learned About the Psalms
The book of Psalms is the largest book in the Bible in terms of chapters. There are 150 chapters total. It is one of the 6 books under the label of "Books of Poetry/Wisdom" in Standard English Classification. However, in Hebrew classification it falls under the title "The Writings" as do 12 other books of the Bible. Since the Bible is not in chronological order, the Psalms would actually follow Samuel and the book after the Psalms would be 1 Kings.

Update On My Progress
The first week of Bible reading I was able to complete 67 of the 75 chapters I needed. I finished the books Nehemiah & Esther, and got to chapter 43 in the book of Psalms. When I made the goal to start and finish the Bible before the end of the year I forgot to leave extra days for when I ended up sick and would sleep all day. This has thrown off my reading schedule a little, but I am trying my best to get it back on track!

In order to get back on track I will need to read 30 chapters or so in the next three days. I was not able to read Sunday or yesterday and I've only read 2 chapters for today so far.

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