Saturday, November 17, 2012

A Week of Thanks | Day 3: Nephews & Nieces

This is a mini-series for all you visitors here today! The first post was Nice Things, and the second post was A Good Car. I really hope you enjoy this post and will be thinking of your own list of things you're thankful for! Other posts: #4 My Savior, #5 Healing, #6 Together, and #7 Time.

Day 3: I'm thankful for my Nephews & Nieces!

I had NO clue it would be so much fun to be an Auntie!!! I am an Auntie 5 times over (two of which I have yet to meet and can't wait until that day!). I know I enjoy my little niece and nephews that are here as much as I can and they seem to have fun when they're with me! I can't wait now for my other sisters to get married and have kids lol. I want more nieces and nephews! :) (Is that terribly selfish of me?? lol.) I am thankful to have them living close by so that I can see them often!


  1. every child needs a wonderful auntie like you. :0)

    1. That is sweet of you Debbi! :) I would love to have more nieces and nephews! I guess eventually I will since I do have 2 brothers and 6 sisters! :)



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