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The Survivalist Post #3 | 5 Things You Can Do To Prep For Winter

So today I am going to focus on a few things you can do to get yourselves a little more prepared this week than you were last week. Personally, I was really too busy with Thanksgiving and baking all those sweets to focus on much else, but now that the Holiday of Thanks is over it is time to move along and get back on track.

I'm going to share 5 easy things with you that are no cost or low cost that you can do right now (today!) to be more prepared for the future, whatever it may bring. Since we are heading towards December these will be fairly easy things, but still something that many may not think about.

(photo via Life Hackery)

#1 Start Saving Milk Jugs!
Okay, so you're going to ask why...well I'm telling you why: if you're like this family here we go through a few gallon jugs each week...that's at least two gallons which can be saved, washed and filled with water to be stored in case of emergency. This is pretty much no cost and is a really smart thing to do when considering the fact that a storm may come and knock your power out and you may want water to flush toilets, wash hands, etc. I really wouldn't suggest drinking this water, but it has plenty of other good uses!

This is one of my favorite crochet blankets. It is very nice and warm. I have it stored in a clean trash bag so it will keep dust and dirt off it and so it can be stored anywhere in the car without a problem!

#2 Put Blankets In Your Car!
This is another no cost thing. We have TONS of extra blankets piled in a spare closet...all that you have to do is take a few out, store them in a clean trash bag and stuff them under a seat or in your trunk. You're probably wondering why, but have you considered the possibility that your car may break down in the middle of nowhere during the cold winter months? Yes one person may go to get help, but the rest of you could very well freeze to death if you don't have something to help keep you warm until that help arrives. (This is all depending on the situation of course!) So, blankets in the car = no cost, go do it!

(photo via The Green Wife)

#3 Save Those Toilet Paper Rolls!
Okay, this may be something that not everyone really needs to do, but if you have a fire place you should totally start saving the toilet paper rolls instead of throwing them away! Not only that, you should save your dryer lint as well to stuff inside them. I've heard this makes excellent fire starter and who can't use a little help with that in the winter months? (This idea was found via The Green Wife.)

#4 Add More Soups To The Menu!
This may seem odd, but adding soups is a smart idea since they are warm and can be really healthy and keep you and your kids/family healthy too. I attempted to post some of our favorite soup recipes here on my blog but only got a few out which you are more than welcome to visit: Button Up Chili, Loaded Baked Potato Soup. Hopefully I'll be able to post up the four I have in drafts which are also pretty tasty! If you don't have any favorites of your own you can always do a Pinterest search and find plenty of ideas, including crockpot versions for busy days!

I have this photo because it has the light and batteries, I don't know anything about the brand. :)
(photo via E Light Blubs)

#5 Make Sure You Have Working Flashlights!
Check your batteries, and be sure you have an extra set or two on hand so that you won't be surprised in a power outage with no source of light! This would not be a fun thing at all to deal with! I myself am still on the hunt of a 'perfect' flashlight, but needless to say I am speeding up my search and will be making a decision soon!

What are your ideas for preparing for the cold winter months? What have you done and what are you doing?

Also, if you were interested in last weeks The Survivalist Post #2: States To Secede, A Week Long Study be sure to check back in as I have updated the numbers as to what was current as of yesterday evening! If you were following along last week I was basically showing the difference between numbers of signautes added to different petitions throughout the week. I also shared which petitions reached the goal of 25,000+ signatures. In updating the numbers most states added anywhere from 300-600 signatures through out this past week to their individual petitions. Other than the six states currently over the 25,000 signature mark, no other states have passed it this week although Indiana, Colorado, Arkansas, and Arizona have more than 20,000 signatures, or more, already.

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  1. Oh! Also with the milk jugs of water. If you strap a head flashlight to them, it makes a lantern as the water is illuminated by the light from the flashlight. :) I learned that one when the power was knocked out by Hurricane Sandy a few weeks back.

    I make soup a lot in the winter. Especially stew... I love stew. I actually have some in the crockpot right now. :)


    1. I'm glad you mentioned that Krys! I almost added that tidbit and then I forgot about it lol.

      Oh stew is awesome!!


  2. Great tips, Helen :) We've been working on slowly putting together some emergency kits too. Thanks so much for sharing it on Waste Not Want Not Wednesday! I've pinned it on my WNWNW board, and please check back on Wednesday to see if you've been featured!

    1. Thanks so much Danielle! Awesome! I hope you plan to blog about them eventually because I'd LOVE to see what you've come up with!! :)

      Alrighty! Will do!!



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