Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Wedesday Weekly Review #17

Due to the business of preparing for the rellies coming over and doing lots of baking the two days before thanksgiving I totally forgot to publish this post/series, so it has a good bit to it today!

In addition to my regular updates of what I'm now doing in the blogging world, where I've been featured, or what blog I've started following I've also decided to include a shout out to new followers of my blog! Now, for previous followers I regret that I cannot go back and give you all a shout out...and for future followers I will admit I may miss a few of you, but I will do my best! It is a great honor to me that you are following my blog and reading along, commenting and bringing joy to my life and I'd like to do something in return so therefore I've decided to include shout outs in the WWR so that my readers can see who's new around here and find your blog too!

1. I am now following Ador by Melissa!

This is a lovely blog that I have been following along with for quite a while via email and just last week joined her GFC! I really love all of her posts which have to do with home decor of all sorts!! I have found a ton of really amazing ideas and have been pinning them for when Autry & I have our own place because I plan to use them! I know I'll find more as she continues to write. :)

2. I was featured at Reduce, Reuse, UPcycle!

My Refashion of a cotton jumper to a maxi skirt was featured this past Thrusday by Rachel!!! I'm so honored to be featured because I LOVE her blog and have found a lot of super cute and amazing green ideas by following her! :)

3. New follower on my blog: Kelly @ Here's My Take On It!

Kelly is brand new to the blogging world, barely been here a month so be sure to drop by and show her some love ladies!!! :)

4. I'm now following PJM's Closet!

I am so excited to have found this lovely blog via Better Blogger Network! Pia writes a lot of posts about her own personal style and I've honestly found a lot of her outfits to be very inspirational and inspiring!! I am looking forward to what this new blogger will bring to the blogging world!

5. New follower on my blog: Debi @ Adorned From Above!

Debi is a new follower and I visited her blog earlier last week via an invite to link up with her on her Wednesday Link Party! Seeing as it is Wednesday this gives you double the motivation to stop over and visit her corner of the blog world!

6. New follower on my blog & I'm now following: Christina's Way!

Christina writes about fashion, make-up, beauty, what she's pinned on Pinterest, and much more!

7. I'm now following Finding the JOYS in My JOURNEY!

This is a lovely little blog written and directed by Miss Niamh (it's an Irish name, how cool is that?!) who started the blog as a creative outlet. She has a lot of great posts, but one of my personal favorites is How To Post Regularly When Life Is Insane. It sounds so much like me and how I write...even though my life isn't one bit busy lol!

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