Friday, November 30, 2012

Goodbye November

Throughout the past two months I've collected some beautiful photos via Pinterest which were mostly fall related and I never really got around to sharing them. I thought the last day of November would be a perfect day for them since, at least here, most of our leaves are gone and I do miss their colored beauty! Enjoy!

All photos were found via Pinterest, original sources are listed below individual photos.

(photo via Pinterest)

Smuggler's Notch State Park, Vermont.
(photo via Pinterest)

(photo via Very Bored)

(photo via 500px)

(photo via Flickr)

(photo via Pinterest)

(photo via Blue Eyed Beauty on Tumblr)

There you have my small, but beautiful collection of fall photos! :)


  1. wow!! these re some really stunning images !!

  2. What beatiful photos! I am going to miss November...but I am certainly ready for December! Love the holidays :)

    1. I know I feel the same way! December has so many exciting things for me that it's really not going to be hard to miss fall too least not this year lol.



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