Friday, November 23, 2012

Black Friday Shopping?

So after my little rant post about being Anti-Black Friday you are probably surprised to see that I was out on Black Friday...well, I was out, but it was at 11:45 a.m. and I was with Autry who had a desperate need to cash his check...I'm not really sure why. Anyway, since we were already at WalMart and it wasn't crazy busy he asked if I minded if we looked around to see what the 'leftovers' were. I didn't mind so we looked around. There was actually quite a bit of interesting things, mostly stuff I'd never use in a million years, but still...stuff I would've thought to be gone by that time of day.

We were strolling along the back of the store and he stops all of a sudden and says, "go ahead and pick you some." I had no clue what he was talking about...until I saw a WHOLE BIN of huge rolls of yarn for only $4!!! Usually the 10 oz. rolls are about $6 and the 14 oz. rolls are $8 so this was a pretty good deal...especially considering that there was a huge amount of the green camo which is the color I've needed to finish up the blanket I've been working on since May.

The rolls on the left are 14 oz. the rolls on the right are 10 oz. The green camo and black yarn will be used on Autry's blanket, and the white yarn I'm not quite sure what I'm using it for yet, but knowing me I will come up with something!!

So, now you see that yes, I did end up shopping on Black Friday, but it was quite by mistake, and I did not have to fight anyone for anything or get up ridiculously early, or anything crazy like that. Now that is what I call a great deal!

Since we were out and about and I had a voucher from where I had to take a few things back to the thrift store a few weeks ago Autry & I also stopped at Goodwill. I made a few nice discoveries there as well...not on sale of course, but I figured I'd go ahead and share them instead of making you wait a few weeks:

Purple silk rose petals. $1.
Although my wedding colors are navy blue, my sister's wedding colors are deep purple...she probably won't be getting married for a while, but she was glad I found these. :)

Beautiful ribbon. $.050 cents.
Grandma Karon said that the cut outs in this ribbon are so you can thread a different color ribbon through it.

My favorite find from today: a handmade plate. It's really heavy and beautiful! $1.

On the back of the plate it says something-land mold "Sally, 1979."

Other than spending about an hour out of the house I spent the rest of the day enjoying leftover food from yesterday's feast and I edited more photos. Oh yes! I also helped do a few things over at Eclectic Darling! Quite the busy, but nice day today. :)


  1. I absolutely love Goodwill! I don't know if it is standard for all Goodwills, but the ones in my town have 50% off everything (except seasonal items, mattresses & light bulbs), and I make it a point of catching those sales as often as I can. I love the plate! Unique items like that get me every time. That is a perfect find. :)

    1. Oh I wouldn't know about the regular sales...half the time I go to my Goodwill there is no sale. I guess I have had bad luck in the sale department there lol. Doesn't mean I haven't found a ton of good deals though!


  2. That is so awesome about the yarn!!! :) I built up my stockpile a few weeks ago at Michael's intending to use a coupon & upon arriving at the register we realized that the coupon was for ONE day only & that day wasn't it. Ugh, I was so annoyed. The Mister told me to get everything anyway... we spent like $80! It would have be nearly half that with the coupon... stupid me. But it is what it is... I now have yarn. Though, I will always want & feel like I NEED more. lol. :)


    1. I ALWAYS feel like I need more yarn...even though I have three boxes sitting in my craft room right now, not including what I just bought. I'm hoping to run across a huge bag of it at a yard sale for really cheap some time. That would totally make my day! lol.



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