Thursday, November 8, 2012

Depressing Little Number

A few weeks ago I was really, really busy working on some photo editing for a deadline...Sneak Peek here if you're interested...and in those two weeks my email got SO far behind!! I've had the most difficult time getting it back down to 0-20 unread messages which is where it usually stands. I've worked very hard on it this past week, but still it's depressing to have that many unread emails in my box. I can't just delete them all, either because most of them are important, and I need to respond to them (although delayed responses are okay so at least that's good!), but still...I'm ready for my normal inbox to be back!! I will say that it used to be 800+ unread, and this is the number as of a few days ago...last night I got it down to 300 unread, so I am making some progress at least!


  1. wow, that is insane! I would be tempted to just throw my laptop out of the window and call it a day :P props to you!

    x Angie ||

    1. Lol yes...I've felt that way on several occasions over the past few weeks!



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