Thursday, November 29, 2012

Fall Bucket List | Bonfire!

November has been such a busy month and I've been able to get so many things from My Fall Bucket List done, but not blogged and now I find myself at the end of November with most of the posts left to publish...Not a good thing!

Anyway, Autry and I were able to go to my Grandma Karon's awhile back for a Bonfire, hot dogs, and smores! Not only that but in all our country-ness we brought out the guns and shot off a few rounds too!

Here are a few photos from the day:

The fire. It was nice and warm!

Autry shooting an 8mm Mauser.

Autry & Grandma Karon shooting off guns.

I laughed when I said he was gonna lay down and shoot the gun.
I'd never seen anyone do that in real life.

This is the first garget we had set up. It was about 75 yards away from where he was shooting.
The one off the center was the very first shot, after that he hit centers the rest of the time.

My ears were starting to ring from all the shots that were being fired. I was told that sticking the empty shells in your ears worked about as good as earplugs, it's true! They worked like a charm! And I didn't care that everyone said I looked silly lol.
The other plate which was used as a target once the bucket was worn out.
Autry & I together by the fire. :)

That was our day! :) It was wonderful! I worked on some crochet and visited with my little cousin who is adorable and silly all at the same time. Autry fell asleep next to the fire later on and I woke him up and said we should go so his back wouldn't hurt from laying on the cold ground and sleeping. It was a lovely fall evening and I'm so glad I live near my grandma!


  1. That is what I consider a perfect day! I LOVE bonfires and target practice. What an awesome way to spend a fall afternoon!

    1. I know! It was really nice and I was so glad to be out of the house and somewhere different! :)



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