Sunday, November 25, 2012

Craft Inspiration | Ideas For Using Salt Dough

Now that Thanksgiving is over I am in the process of preparing or getting more serious about finishing up Christmas gifts for the people I have on my list this year. One thing I've seen floating around Pinterest which I've loved so much are all the salt dough creations. I'm not sure what exactly I will end up making, but here is my collection on inspiration I will be pulling from in the next week or so when I make up my very first batch of Salt Dough! If they aren't presents for people (aka if I make something for my house) I will be posting some project pics, but otherwise it may be a while before I share any results of this inspiration post!

Fingerprint Ornament.
(photo via Fabuluster on Etsy)

Doily to imprint dough.
Ive also though of using some lace scraps left over from sewing projects.
(photo via Pinterest)

Use a jewelry hoop as an anchor point for ornaments.

Make Faux Stone Beads.
Although you can use them for much more than bracelets!
(photo via Homework: Be Inspired)

Salt Dough Roses.
(photo via Flickriver)

A chain of letters to make words.
I really, really like this idea and might use this in my home.
(photo via Mash Potato Moments)

Monogram on one side, Lace on the other.
(photo via Shannon Westmeyer on Etsy)

(photo via Dani Holland)

I'm sure I'll come up with some lovely ideas with these photos as inspiration! I can't wait to get started on the projects I have in mind for the certain people on my Christmas list! :)


  1. Those are so fun! I love the monogram and lace pendent. That would be such a beautiful Christmas gift to make for people.

    1. Thanks! That was the very first one I thought of actually lol.


  2. Lovely salt dough projects. For last Christmas even I had made some salt dough ornaments. You can check them out here

  3. Oh my god I used to do this as a kid! Thanks for reminding me of it, I might just do it again :D

    Angie (

    1. How cool! You should totally do some more and post your new creations!!!


  4. Helen! That is so cool. Is salt dough the kind that you make with lots of salt, cornstarch and water? I have seen some amazing crafts with it, and I just cannot get a handle on it. I have to say that I am definitely taken with the monogram and lace print too. I also love the hearts. So pretty!

    1. Well I plan to try my own hand at it later this week and I will blog my experience as soon as I get it down. I usually have a pretty good expereince when it comes to baking ingredients so I think it will go well.

      As to your question, the recipes I've seen use a lot of salt, flour and some warm water so that's what I'll be using when I make my salt dough this week.



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