Monday, November 19, 2012

My Keepsake Box | Old Crafts

Yesterday and today I've spent most of my day going through all of my boxes of things for my future I got to my keepsakes. I decided to take pictures so I could share the things on here, but then I decided to split the things up into several different posts since there was SO much in there lol. Right now I'm going to share with you some of the very first craft projects I ever made/did.

One of my very first attempts at crochet. I was probably 10.

I think I've come a very long way since I first took up this hobby. I couldn't even get this piece to stretch out enough so you could see the design that it's 'supposed' to have. I'm not sure why I keep it, but I do. Yesterday I shared the Warm Brown Double Crochet Rug which is one of my latest almost complete crochet projects. I absolutely adore crochet items and love yarn! It is always on my birthday and Christmas list each year! :)

My very first attempt at cross stitch. The blue dolphin was first and then the purple bear was after that. I'm not sure how old I was when I did these.

My aunt always told me that the back of a cross stitch should look as beautiful as the front...she said that for my first one(s) these really don't look very bad. Now they look almost perfect!

Here is another hobby which I still use. I actually have several pieces in the works for my future of which you can see in this post which I wrote back in September: My September Goals. I have yet to finish the project which is in that post, but you can obviously tell I still love this hobby!

One of the first bag/purse(s) that I made.

An inside view. Sorry it's so white...I couldn't get the camera flash to do any better.

One of the very first bags or 'purses' I made. I used to love making these...and as you can tell I had no clue how to put the handles on properly...and I also didn't know anything about raw edges. But I still love this fabric combination! :)

This is either my first or second quilt. I can't remember for sure.

A very messy whip stitch job on the edging.
I used light pink yarn to tack the pieces together.

This was such a fun quilt to make! I really liked having each square with different patterns in them. I think I will have to take a few more photos so I can do a bit more of a detailed post later on! :) I really do love the colors though. It's a really small quilt. I didn't have a lot of the purple fabric so I just used what I had and stopped making squares when I ran out. I really enjoy making quilts and really wish they weren't so time consuming!!


  1. I can actually see your progression. I actually like that quilt very much..

    1. Thanks!!! I'm glad you can tell a difference haha! :) I love the quilt too!! It's never been used but I'm sure when I start having kids it will be used plenty! :)


  2. I know.. it's perfect for a baby! the other day I was at a mall and I saw such cute baby clothes, and I was like I want to have babies so that they can wear all this! That's the lamest reason to have babies but some clothes are just soo cute. babies just belong to them! haha..

    1. That's so funny because I say that all the time!! It is a lame reason, but some times I really dont care! That's why I'm thankful for Pinterest!! I can save all the adorable ideas for when I really do have kids and then I'll be able to recreate something similar...and probably much less expensive too!



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