Sunday, November 11, 2012

Fall Bucket List 2012 | #15 Go Trick-or-Treating

For me Halloween has never really been a big deal. I never got into 'celebrating' it, before this year I've only actually done something with friends on Halloween night twice...when Autry heard that I had never really been trick-or-treating he was determined to take me out this year so that I could at least say I know what it's like. At first I thought this was going to be a simple little go-knock-on-a-few-houses-doors-and-get-a-few-pieces-of-candy-and-go home deal, but oh wasn't! Autry is such a kid at heart sometimes. The closer it got to Halloween the more excited he got about going trick-or-treating!

I had decided to make myself a costume since he wanted us to dress up...which was perfectly fine with me...I just didn't really have anything to wear unless I was gonna wear an old sweater in my to-refashion-box and pretend to be an old granny. He didn't think that was funny. I did though!

That's where this post comes in with the introduction of the idea of recreating the Mother Confessor's White Dress. Along with that post came some deep discussion on whether or not Pentecostal's celebrated the holiday. I talked to my youth pastor's wife from back home for a good long while and I also talked with some of the women who posted in the comments on that post. Basically what I think is that each person should know where their hearts are with God, you should also know if this holiday is celebrated within your church. Some churches do trunk-or-treat which is similar, but much safer and a much better environment for kids. This is totally up to each person to figure out for themselves. As for me I don't know that I'd go out and trick-or-treat again, I mostly went as a fun thing for Autry and I to do together and after talking with my youth pastors wife I didn't feel that it was a wrong thing for me to do...those are my views as of my writing this post. that politics are over! On to fun stuff!! It was Sunday afternoon before Halloween when I finally had free time to begin sewing my dress. I had not been able to do anything with it, or look up a thing on how to sew a medieval style dress. I will say that even though I used no pattern I do believe it turned out quite well! If you're interested in seeing the pieces come together you can check out the posts I wrote while I was working on the dress: #1 Sneak Peek | Confessors White Dress#2 Adding The Sleeves, #3 Adding The Hood, #4 It's Done!!! I still have a lot I'd like to share about the making of this dress, but I have yet to write those posts!

Buddy (his eyes match my dress!), me, Autry.
I was the Confessor & Autry was a Confessed Knight.
Of course you know all about my costume, but now it's time for Autry's! The hood thingy and the shirt were dads; he had them in a box leftover from a costume party from work a few years ago and just happened to remember it the day before Halloween! It was perfect because Autry really didn't have anything planned because he had been working a lot and I'd been busy and all my spare time had gone into making my costume...which I finished up as we were about to walk out the door! The sword he picked up at a store and is actually plastic, but it looks pretty cool! I love the hood, but Autry hated it!

Autry with purple vampire teeth...he was so ready to get out of his costume, but I was not! I really didn't want to take off the dress because it was so fun to wear!

I think I ended up with a nice bit of candy!

I had so much fun with Autry. We walked a TON and the weather was just perfect, a little cold, but not cold enough that your fingers felt like frozen sticks. I loved being outside, with Autry, walking, talking, laughing, skipping, being goofy, and having a blast!

Fall Bucket List Item #15? Check!

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  1. Sounds fun!! Following you from the GFC blog hop! Enjoy your week!

    -Fotini { }

    1. Welcome! Thank you for the follow! I will be by for a visit soon!


  2. This is cute :) I like the idea of a Fall Bucket List!

    1. Thanks Tami! I've never made one before and I have to admit it's been a lot of fun! I've got a lot of pics for the things I've completed so some more posts on this subject will be coming soon!


  3. Your dress turned out so cute!


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