Sunday, November 4, 2012

Words On Sunday | Start Fresh

(photo via Easy Makes Me Happy)
This is a new series I am starting on my blog (for this month at least, longer I'm sure!) which will come out each Sunday afternoon. I have found so many little photos of interesting quotes and motivational words on them from Pinterest and some are just too good not to let the sharing begin!

Don't let yesterday use up too much of! Isn't that saying a lot? I need to take these words of advice for myself. I really tend to stew over what happened the day or week before and let it annoy me when really I should forgive and move on.


  1. Okay - this quote is great! Brilliant idea for a Sunday series! :)

  2. Hi Helen,

    you have such a fun blog! I was tempted to wait till I become your 100th follower, but couldn't resist joining now. I love quotes too and I know now,where to come for more!

    1. Lol how funny! There are LOTS of other ways to get a shout out! Don't worry! :) I'm sure you have something on your blog I'd love to share with my readers! :) Thanks for the follow!



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