Saturday, November 24, 2012

Blog Posting Outline

As many of you readers may have noticed, I have a series running on almost every day of the week. I kind of did this on purpose so that I could blog about all the things I love and yet not overwhelm anyone with too many posts throughout the week from one particular subject since I will do my best to blog about those things only on their specific days. Some posts will still be at random, and that's just fine, but many of the posts I write will now come out on specific days and I feel this is important for the readership of my blog since I cover so many topics as it is.

So, to break it all down for you all, here is a list:

I will write about and publish posts to do with my budding survivalist skills, prepping for the future, politics, and DIY posts related to these topics. I will also be running the series The Survivalist Post where I will share some topic I've been interested in the previous week with all of you readers. If you are not interested in survivalist skills, prepping, or politics, please feel free to avoid my blog on Mondays! :) This is a fairly new subject on my blog so there are not a lot of posts as of yet, but I anticipate that I will be writing a lot on these subjects; prepping and survivalist to be specific. To view collections of posts already written click on the individual links here: Politics, Prepping, Survivalist. Or visit the Survivalist page.

For now Tuesday is when I will publish posts about style, fashion and everything related to that. As of right now there are no specific post series running on Tuesdays, but in the future I may come up with something that I like. For now you can enjoy looking through this previous series Styles I Like, or you can view the topics Style, Skirts, or Outfits. This will also include Beauty Tips and DIY Beauty posts in the future. Please visit the Style page for more.

On Wednesdays I will focus on Blogging Tips, shout outs, the Wednesday Weekly Review series, and all blog related posts. Hopefully this will include an occasional Blog Makeover too!

Actually I have no specific plan for Thursdays at this time. Perhaps in January I will start a series about relationships & couples, but for now I have other things I need to focus on so this will have to wait. Until then I will post tidbits and other things on Thursday.

Just last week I started the series Homemaking 101. The point of this series is to show how I have been putting things together and what I've been doing to get prepared for marriage and owning my own home. I will be sharing things I've made, most of which will be DIY. I will also share my Thrift Store and Yard Sale Finds on Fridays. (View previous Thrifted posts.) So anything related to my future home or home decor or DIY for the home will now be posted on Fridays!

All about me! Well, not really. I actually just plan to continue the series Things I Heart, and right now I'm doing the mini-series My Keepsake Box. As of right now I don't have plans to discontinue the Things I Heart series because I LOVE writing it so it will be around for a while. The My Keepsake Box mini-series is showing off different items that have been in my keepsake box since I was born and I dug them all out a few days ago to see if there was anything of interest for home decor and decided to do a blog mini series. If I come up with anything else to blog about me then it will be shared on Saturday as well. :)

Because I host the Apostolic Pentecostal Bloggers & Pinners Link Up I run the updates on Sundays of any new links that have been added to either link up and then any other news which might be of interest to those who are in the group. Previous updates can be found here. Also on Sundays I run the series Words on Sunday where I share a photo with words on it and then write a tidbit beneath it as a thought for the week.

Well that is all for now! I am a girl with practically no life so I have plenty of time for blogging and I'm sure it shows lol! If you have any suggestions, comments, worries, concerns, etc. please share them in the comments below since I really do love feedback!

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