Thursday, November 15, 2012

10 Day YOU Challenge | 3 films

I've decided to divide this up by category because I just like way more than three...sorry! I couldn't narrow it down AT ALL. And in case you may be wondering, I was raised Baptist and we watched well movies, not really 'tv', so that's where this list comes from! :)

1. TV shows: Penguins of Madagascar, Tom & Jerry, Cops, and Friends ...yes an odd collection. A fact I am much aware of lol.

2. Jane Austen type movies. Such as Pride & Prejudice, Emma, The Inheritance, Jane Eyre, Wives & Daughters, Persuasion, etc.

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3. John Wayne movies!!! They are SO classic! I love John Wayne and I've always enjoyed watching his movies, even when I was a little girl I would watch them with my Papa!

In case you are wondering: yes, I am Apostolic Pentecostal, but I was raised Baptist and only recently (as of January 2012) started following the ways of AP. I am still undecided on whether or not is a sin to watch movies. I think there are some that for sure should never be watched. I do not watch horror films and I try my very best to avoid movies with nudity, profanity, and taking God's name in vain (although in modern/current films that is pretty next to impossible unless it's filmed by an independent company such as Sherwood Pictures.) I am praying and working out what I believe in the area of watching movies and tv in general but have not come up with any firm conviction yet.

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  1. Friends! YES!!!!! I own the entire series & watch it on a weekly basis. :) It never stops being funny to me!

    Who is your favorite character? Mine has got to be Chandler. I LOVE Matthew Perry! We actually share a birthday. :)

    Keeping PLUS in a MINUS World

    1. Haha oh how funny!! I got hooked on the show when I started working at Old Navy back in 2009. I think I'm most like Monica...but her brother is my favorite character, although sometimes it dries me nuts that he is so shy around girls and just cant talk straight lol.


  2. I can't get enough of the penguins....and as for your dilemma of faith, I agree with you that there are some movies/books/games (horror, zombies) that should never be allowed if you consider yourself not just a child of God, but also follower of Christ. As for the rest, I look at this way, if I can easily turn it off and it is not taking me away from my faith, then it doesn't really matter. I have found that as I grow and mature, my tastes have changed anyway. :0)

    1. On the faith issue I have had the same experience. I used to watch a lot of really awful shows back in my college days (really like less than two years ago lol, but saying it like that makes me feel old). I have noticed when I'm around friends who still watch those shows I'd much rather sit in the other room and talk or play a board game than watch the show because it bothers me to sit and watch something I know isn't right. I think before I knew it wasn't right, but it didn't bother me.



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