Sunday, November 18, 2012

Words On Sunday | What Were You Thinking?!

(photo via Psych Central)

Wow, I may need to reconsider the title of this series to something more like: things I need to learn lol. Because of my brain injury I have the worst time knowing if what I am thinking is actually a fact or if it is truth. When I am blogging, emailing, or journaling it's not hard for me to see what is real...but in my 'real' life I have a very difficult time because I can't remember things and so my brain tends to pull bits and pieces and smoosh them together into something that looks right, but really is just an illusion. This is really quite frustrating and my poor family and Autry have to put up with it all the time. I am grateful that they do though because I don't know what I'd do without them. I have learned that just because I think something happened doesn't mean that it actually did happen.


  1. Oh that does sound frustrating! Not quite the same, but sometimes I have trouble remembering whether something happened or that I dreamed about it, haha.



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