Sunday, November 18, 2012

My Home Decor | Warm Brown Double Crochet Circle Rug

Hopefully I'll be able to make this rug a bit bigger. This is how big it turned out with just 7oz. of yarn.
Measuring across the very center it is about 24 1/2 inches wide already! I can't wait to add the second round of yarn to it!!

Two days ago I dug a 7oz. roll of what I've considered to be 'ugly' yarn from my yarn box and started on rug making. This yarn has been in my collection for who knows how long and I've just not used it because I've always thought it was ugly and had no clue what to do with it...well, thanks to Pinterest, I had decided to make a few Crochet rugs for my future home...and out came the Warm Brown yarn (that's the name on the label by the way). I wasn't sure I'd like it until yesterday when the crochet was starting to look like a rug. Now I absolutely LOVE the colors and really hope that I can find another roll of this so I can make the rug just a bit bigger since it looks like a miniature rug next to my loveseat...which is where I plan to put it in my future home (yes I already have the loveseat too!).

Here is a closer view on the stitch work. Mostly double crochet except for the very center.

Being the only basic crochet stitch person that I am I just did a few chain stitches, connected the chain together to make a tiny hoop. Filled the hoop in by doing double crochet stitches until the hoop was completely full, then I expanded the ring and kept working my way up and out from there. I really couldn't tell you how exactly I made this. Only that it was a complete experiment and that I'm very impressed with myself that it turned out so well!

P.S. I've added the new topic MyHomeDecor so be sure to check that out!! I'll be going back through older posts and sticking that label on everything that applies so you can see it all in one place for once! :)

P.S.S. I will be starting a new Homemaking 101 series which will be starting either this Friday or the next...not quite sure yet! More details to come soon! This is where I'll be sharing tips and ideas I have for starting a home frugally and easily...and I'll also be sharing a lot of DIY's!!


  1. you did a good job...and if you can't find the exact same shade, go a shade darker and it will look like a trim around the rug.

  2. I really need to learn how to crochet. You could always make it a "color-block" rug if you can't find the same exact color. Find a coordinating color. Stopping by from the Harvest of Friends hop. Hope you had a great weekend!

  3. that looks gorgeous, wow, can't believe you made that yourself :)


    1. Thank you Angie! You're so sweet! :) I absolutely love to crochet! I'm actually working on another rug right now...who knows when I'll have it done lol.



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