Thursday, November 29, 2012

Hitting The Wall

Well, I usually forget to take my own advice on many occasions and a lot of the time I use blogging as a way of reminding myself of things (especially blog related things) so I will forget less often....BUT that doesn't always been it works.

I hit the photo limit...AGAIN. This time it is because when I was redesigning Eclectic Darling I had to play around with the background a lot so I kept loading a lot of really large photos up into my Picasa web album and when I was done I didn't remember to go back and delete the photos so my space would be back to where it was before which was usable, but not maxed out lol.

I thought I wouldn't be able to make today's 10 Day YOU Challenge post, but that will be up in just a few short minutes as I figured out that once you have deleted a number of too large photos and then you log out of your Google account the little message saying your images are maxed out goes away! YAY!

In the future when I do more blog designs or makeovers I'll just have to remember to go back in to my junk blog's photo album and delete all the extra photos which are too big! :)

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  1. Have you tried Photobucket? I don't believe they have a limit. That is where I upload the majority of my photos.


    1. Nope I havent actually. For now I'm doin okay with the system I have going on lol. Just have to remember all the steps.



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