Saturday, November 24, 2012

Things I Heart | Monarch Butterflies

Introducing a brand new header for this series!!

A few weeks ago I did this post on butterflies in general...and I realized I should do a post which focused on my all-time favorite butterfly: the Monarch! I really can't say when my fascination with butterflies began, but I know I was at least 7...probably younger. Monarchs have always been my favorite and probably always will be. I love their bright contrasting colors which make them look royal in my opinion.

All photos were found via Pinterest, but if they linked else where those links are listed instead!

Monarch butterflies.
(photo via UGA Center for Urban Agriculture)
(photo via Tumblr)
I know this photo was on the last post, but I wanted it to be included in this collection too because it was so beautiful!
(photo via Butterfly Pictures)
(photo via Butterfly Pictures)
(photo via Pinterest)
(photo via Environmental Graffiti)
I thought this picture was just amazing! It is of the Monarch just emerging from its chrysalis.
(photo via Pinterest)
Monarch butterflies on a tree in Mexico.
(photo via Mail Online)

Thus is my collection of photographs of the Monarch butterfly. I could look at them all day long...but I wouldn't want to run you all off so I refrained from posting a ton! :) I'm sure you appreciated that!


  1. Helen, I love them too. We don't get as many around here as we used to. My sister grows swan plants specifically for them. Cheers

    1. I haven't seen many butterflies in person for awhile, but I would love to plant a flower garden with specific bushes which are known to attract butterflies!



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