Friday, November 2, 2012

November Blog Schedule

Because having a schedule for the random things I want to post on my blog worked pretty well (for the most part) last month I am going to continue that for this month as well. Here is the schedule since I did discontinue a few things and am adding a few new things:

Sunday = Words On Sunday
Monday = Frugal & BOB/Survival Related Posts
Tuesday = Style/Fashion Related Posts
Thursday = 10 Day YOU Challenge Posts
Friday = Soup of the Week
Saturday = Things I Heart

I also plan to continue to stick to my goal of staying under 5 posts a day. I did awesome at this last month (not to brag or anything, but I am proud of myself!) and I really feel like doing this helped me gain some self-control in not being on my laptop all the time too.

Do you have a suggestion of something I should write more about? Leave me a comment below! I love feedback from readers!


  1. What a great idea! I like that you have a schedule of what you'll be talking about each day on your blog. What is your secret to blogging often? :) Cute blog, BTW! -- Amanda

    1. Well, part of the secret is my blog is what I do with my time since I cannot work due to my brain injury and back problems from the car wreck I was in back in 2010. Another part of how I am able to blog so much is writing posts ahead of time and scheduling them to post automatically so that I don't always have to be at the computer each day for my blog to be active.

      Thank you! I have spent a lot of hours learning about blog things to imporve the look of my blog since I started blogging back in February! :)



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