Saturday, December 22, 2012

Christmas Favorites! on Pinterest

I wanted to share all the posts I've pinned to the Christmas Favorites! board on Pinterest. It is a group board with 400+ contributors and it has over 4,000 pins on it now! I have really enjoyed being apart of this group this season and seeing what all these wonderful ladies have had to share with me and to have this opportunity to give my own blog posts a bit of exposure from outside sources! :)

Here are the pins I shared!
Click on or below each photo to view the actual pin on Pinterest so you can repin to your own boards!
These are in order of first pinned to last pinned! I will add the new pins as I pin them to this community board so come back and check later to see what else I've created and shared!
My Winter Bucket List of 2012 pin on Pinterest!
view the post here!
How To Gift Wrap a Box pin on Pinterest!
view the tutorial here!
Homemade: Christmas Gift Ideas For Boys & Men pin on Pinterest!
view this post here!
DIY Frozen Cookie Dough pin on Pinterest!
View the tutorial here!

Mexican Hot Chocolate pin on Pinterest!
View the recipe here!

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