Saturday, December 8, 2012

Things I Heart | Snowy Tree Photos

Seeing as it IS December and is the season for snow, at least so it is in this current state I live in, I figured I would share some lovely photographs of snow and ice and such...where I am from (Oklahoma) we usually just experience ice storms and that is usually in late December through February if at all. I actually prefer ice to snow if you're going to be out sledding or playing on it because it's much faster...but it's also a lot more dangerous, and causes power outages, and causes a whole lot more least I think it does... Anyway, enjoy these beautiful photos, perhaps while sipping on a lovely cup of hot chocolate! :)

All photos found via Pinterest, original links listed below each photo!

(photo via Beautiful Portals on Tumblr)
(photo via Free Extras)

(photo via Pinterest)
(photo via Pinterest)
Fire & Ice.
(photo via Pinterest)
Winter Sunrise.
(photo via Pinterst)
"Ice Storm on the Farm"
(photo via Pinterest)
(photo via Trees of Thyme & Place)
(photo via Pinterest)
(photo via Flickr)
(photo via 500px)
(photo via Pinterest)
(photo via Pinterest)
(photo via Pinterest)

(photo via Deviant Art)

Who is excited about this colder weather?! I know I am!! Moving from a southern state to a northern state really has made a HUGE difference in how I have to dress for the winter though. I have to wear a whole lot more layers of leggings, tights, and thick socks under my skirts to keep my legs from freezing! This is going to be a new experience for me and I'm VERY excited!


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