Monday, December 10, 2012

Homemade Christmas Gift Ideas For Boys & Men

Okay so I am like the person that makes everything every year as far as presents go, and this year will be no different. Of course I really cannot reveal what exactly I'll be making until AFTER Christmas, BUT I'm having a lot of fun coming up with my ideas of what I'll be making for each person on my list this year! (That's 20 people and counting lol.)

On my list I have 7 boys to make a gift for and then the rest are girls. So since I have less to do in the boy department let me share some of the ideas I've seen that I like and may or may not be making this year!!

(photo via Noel Home)
#1 Sew Some PJs. This idea and tutorial can be found via Noel Home.
(photo via Kitchen Table Friends)
#2 Tin of Popcorn. If I made this I could customize the flavor popcorn to what the guy liked.
(photo via Design Mom)
#3 Monogramed Mugs. I know in our house this would be an awesome gift! The tutorial can be found at Design Mom.

(photo via Sweet Verbena)

#4 Laptop Cover/Sleeve. I really love this idea! Even if I don't make this for a Christmas present I know it will get made eventually!! Tutorial via Sweet Verbena.
(photo via Stormdrane's Blog)
#5 Paracord Woven Watchband w/Watch Face. This isn't a tutorial, but I really love the idea and think it'd be nice and sturdy since most of the boys/men on my list go through watches like their candy!
(photo & tutorial via Purlbee)
#6 Crochet or Knit a Scarf. This is a really nice gift which can totally be made in a masculine way so that they will not be offended that you made them a scarf! I've actually already made two scarves for men on my list this year because I know they'll use them!
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