Monday, December 31, 2012

Giveaway Hosted by Let Them Eat Cake!

Happy New Year's Eve everyone!!!

**Off Topic** For my readers: I'll be starting the regular posts series for each day tomorrow (check right sidebar on my blog to see what I'm talking about...if you don't already know!) so stop by and check out the latest outfit post! Also, Wednesday is the first day of The Blog Train Blog Hop! Hostesses are: Angie @ God's Growing Garden, Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures, and myself! Friday I'll be co-hosting That Friday Blog Hop which is hosted by Rebecca @ Let Them Eat Cake & Chrissy @ Lil' Dash of Diva so stop back by then and link up with that blog hop too!!

On to other exciting business now!!!

To celebrate I am getting together with Rebecca @ Let Them Eat Cake and lots of other bloggers to put together a spectacular giveaway for the New Year! Let's get things going shall we?

The giveaway is ONE WEEK long! So you have plenty of time to enter! Be sure to check out all the blogs who have helped put together this awesome giveaway (links after the photo).
I personally contributed 1 month of hosting your 200x200 blog button AND a blog makeover! (Check out my blog makeovers here!)
ENTER HERE! Click the link!
May you enter and win!


  1. Yay! Is this your first giveaway? I just entered to here's hoping! I would LOVE some free advertising for my new blog!

    Love your blog as always!

    Mary Beth


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