Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Winter Style | Dressing Casual & Fun

Okay so with the oncoming of much colder weather than I am used to I'm sure I'll be posting more outfits of me wearing coats...but for now this is just a casual and fun outfit I had on the other day and really loved!! Not only was it casual & fun, but it was really comfy and warm too! Very important things for this weather!

Red shirt: Old Navy (Also seen in this outfit post)
Grey tank top with lace trimmed bottom: Old Navy.
Black cardigan: Thrifted (View the post)
Denim Knee Length Skirt: Made by Me! (Tutorial)
Black leggings: not visible. WalMart.
Black boots: l.e.i. (WalMart)

This is my completed Fall Scarf which I blogged about here & here.
I have yet to do a post showing off close ups of the finished scarf, but I wear it a lot and LOVE it to death!!

And this was a semi messy, loose bun I had going on that day.

I think it looks really pretty...don't  you?

From this side it looks smaller, but I just loved the way the ends of my hair curled around the bun!


  1. 'Love your scarf AND your hair! -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

  2. I love the hair!! I'm kind of a sucker for hair posts. Very pretty!

  3. Super cute! Ballerina buns are the best!
    A Modest Fashion Blog:

  4. I think it must be scarf-making season! I just made a grey scarf and I love wearing it. Mine is an infinity scarf and I crocheted it. I feel like I ought to make some more for Christmas presents. We'll see what happens... :)

    1. Yes it's the cooler/cold weather lol. Oh my yes!! Make some for presents for sure!! I made some and shipped them off to my niece and nephew. Can't wait til they get them!!



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