Sunday, December 9, 2012

How To: Gift Wrap A Box!

Okay so maybe everyone already knows how to properly wrap a box/gift, but I still wanted to share with you how I've been wrapping presents for years because it just looked too pretty when I was finished NOT to share! :) So here goes...your ticket to beautifully wrapped gifts this Christmas!

I have two methods for wrapping boxes to share with you...but the first one is the best method because it pretty much always turns out awesome...the second method is a little more difficult and the end results are never the same on each end of the look though each photo tutorial and then pick your method! If you do happen to use one or the other let me know what you think about it if you haven't tired this before!! :)

***Once you figure out how to gift wrap a box, you can use the same basic idea to gift wrap just about anything. Granted non-boxy items are harder to wrap…no duh!***

Method #1: Simply Smooth

Step 1: For either method you use, this step will be the same: put your box/object on the paper you want to use to wrap it and cut your paper.

Step 2: (optional) Tape the box closed so that it will be {much} easier to wrap!

Step 3: Then turn it over so that the box is upside down on the paper. Nope, I'm not crazy...just trust me on this one!

Step 4: Fold over one side of the paper onto the bottom of the box. Remember it's turned over! :) If you need to use a small piece of tape to secure it in place then do so now. I've also found it easier to fold the ends later on if the paper is not exactly in the middle of the as you can tell, mine is a bit off centered for easier folding.

Step 5: Fold the other half of the paper over the box to meet the side you just did. You will want to make sure the paper is secure around the box so there's no too-loose-paper going on which can make the gift harder to wrap.

Step 6: Keeping the box upside down, pick and end to start folding. You will want to fold down the part where the two pieces of paper meet. See the ends? Your box will create a triangle shape, go ahead and use your fingers to make that shape hold.

I used more tape than usual to keep all the 'flaps' down so that you could see what it's supposed to look like when you get down with step 8!

Step 7: Now you will fold those little triangles in towards the middle of the box. At the bottom corner (which will actually be the top of the box when you flip it over later) make sure to get a nice line and use your fingers to keep it there.

Step 8: There will be a very pointy tip now. I usually take mine and fold it in as you can see in the photo so that there's a nice line and you don't have to worry about the uneven cuts you might have made on the paper when you were cutting it.

Step 9: Secure the last fold in place with a piece of tape at each end!

There you go! Here's a close up of how the corners turn out:

See how nice, neat and smooth this looks? :)

Method #2: Triangle Ends

You will follow steps 1-5 as I have them in the tutorial for Method #1: Simply Smooth and then you'll pick up wrapping here!

Step 6: The end of your box is going to look like this. You will want to 'tuck' in one side as I will show you in the next photo.

Step 7: Once the first side had been 'tucked' make the edges of the top and bottom 'triangles' sealed before continuing on.

Step 8: As you 'tuck' the other side of paper you will notice a little gap where the sides of the paper meet up. To get rid of this use your fingers to create a tight seal on each side of the box.

Step 9: Time to finish up the end! Tuck the piece which will be from the bottom of the box (hint: this is where you folded the two pieces of paper over in step 5) and then fold over the piece which will be from the top of the box.

Step 10: Now you may notice a bit of paper popping out at this point, (one reason I like Method #1 better is this doesn't happen) but it's easily fixed, just fold it over and tuck it under the edge of the triangle.

Step 11: There! The problem is solved. :) Put a piece of tape over the end of the triangle to keep the box sealed.

Step 12: All done! You may want to add one or two extra pieces of tape to make sure it doesn't come open until the time comes, but over all this method really doesn't look that bad when it's finished. The important thing is to remember to fold the ends the same way (the way I show you!) so that the triangles will both be pointing down in the end.

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  1. I think I put wrapping off longer than anything else. Well, other than putting all the ornaments away after Christmas. I hate undecorating. :) My son actually needs to look at this post. He always has me wrap it all. :) Have a great week, Helen!

    1. Lol well...I still have some wrapping to do, but that's mostly because there are still two weeks til Christmas and I have a few more gifts left to make! :)

      Thank you Kelly! I hope you have a lovely week as well!


  2. Very nice! Great tutorial. Thanks so much Helen!


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