Sunday, December 9, 2012

Words On Sunday | You're Too Busy To Laugh... Seriously?

(photo via Pinterest)

Really if you're too busy to laugh or to pause and enjoy the sunshine on a beautiful day, or to smell the roses...wait its December...they're aren't roses...unless someone bought them for you from the store... Seriously though. Slow down a bit and enjoy your life. You only have one shot at this!!!


  1. so true! hahaha :)


  2. Yesterday a friend said that as he left his house, right in front of his veranda there was a bright red rose... he said it surprised him because..well it is December after all..but it was a wonderful reminder of God's love. And if that's not a reason for us to sit down and take time to smile and laugh, I don't know what is .. right? (:

  3. So true! You only have one, you might as well enjoy it!


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