Thursday, December 27, 2012

Winter Bucket List | Christmas Parade

On December 6th I found out that the Christmas parade would be going through the next town over. The one for our town went through the week before and I completely missed it...which upset me...but after being able to go to this one I felt much better! This was item #16: Watch the Christmas Parade downtown!

If you all remember (some of you may not because you are new readers, welcome!) I got engaged December 6th just before the parade in front of this house:

They had lights all over! :) It was SO pretty!
If you want to read more about the Engagement check out this post!

After Autry proposed we sat on the trunk of his car and watch the Christmas parade go by while drinking warm hot chocolate:

In our grey crochet...hat (him) and ear warmers (me)!

Here are photos of most of the cars/trucks which were in the parade:
The first lights of the parade peeping over the hill!
All of the many (and loud) motorcycles.
I REALLY love the American Flags they all had on the back of their bikes.

The Sweetheart Chocolates car all lit up with lights!
(I wrote about visiting the little store here!)

I think this float was one of my favorites! It's the North Pole.

I just had to share this one because of the tree on the back!

And of course Mr. & Mrs. Clause! They were so cute on their sleigh float.
That was my Christmas parade experience for 2012! And I must say that it was absolutely wonderful!!! Next year I plan to watch this parade for sure! :)

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