Sunday, December 16, 2012

Words On Sunday | Never Give Up On Anyone

(photo via LoveQuotesRS.Tumblr.)

Yesterday evening I was happily prewriting posts for my contributors section at Refashion Co-op when I suddenly remembered I didn't know if I had anything ready for today (Sunday's) posts! I rushed over to my Scheduled box and was dismayed to see that I had finally run out of pre-written Words On Sunday post. In a slight panic I rushed to my Pinterest account and immediately began scanning the home page...I knew if I didn't find anything there that I had a whole board of things for this series...but then I found this photo and it made me stop and pause...

There are a few people in my life that really frustrate me to no end. I just want to pull my hair out and scream sometimes because they just-don't-get-it. At all. I have tried to love them and be patient with them; stay out of their way when I could help it; be there for them even when they said they don't want me around anymore...there are just some times I do feel like giving up. I know that giving up would not help the situation, but it is hard to love someone who claims they don't want you to take care of them or love them. I just keep praying and hoping that their hearts will be softened and that healing can seep inside to take away the hurt and pain they are experiencing right now so that they can find peace and restoration. Giving up is never going to be an option for me, even in the hardest moments of these trials or situations.


  1. Hi Hellen, I saw you on BBN. and It hink your blog looks amazing. it's very Christmassy...

    btw Im a new follower, and hope i can see you hopping by my blog soon and follow...



    1. Thanks! :) I do all my own designs & layout!!

      Awesome! I will for sure stop by as soon as I can! :) Thanks for following along! I hope you will enjoy what I write about!


  2. I completely understand and agree. No matter how frustrating, just keep trying!


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