Saturday, December 1, 2012

Things I Heart | Cultural-Souvenier-International Dolls

No matter what name they are called, or what they look like. If it is pretty, or unique I will probably like it and want it in what I call my "Foreign Doll Collection". I'm actually working on putting together a post of photos of all the dolls I have, some which are actually not foreign and are from America, but that is slow in coming since most of them are packed up and finding the box(es) that they are in is difficult since they are buried in my piles of things for my future home. I'm working on it though so hopefully one day you will be able to see my own personal collection. Until then you will have to enjoy these photos of dolls I'd love to add to my collection. I have some dolls similar to a few of these, but they're all so unique I wouldn't mind having another one or five! :)

All photos found via Pinterest, original links listed below each photo.

Russian matryoshka doll, or babushka doll. Aka the nesting doll.
(photo via Pinterest)

Japanese Sousaku Kokeshi Doll.
(photo via Kokeshi Doller)

Vintage Wooden Japanese Kokeshi Doll.
(photo via AdaLou on Etsy)

LOVE this Japanese Jenny doll.
(photo via Molendrix)

Japanese GEISA Oriental Doll.
(photo via Mingzhou Oriental Imports)
Bulgaria National Costume Doll.
(photo via Poppentopper)

I love how authentic this doll looks.
I think it's Japanese. I could be wrong though.
(photo via Pinterest)

Amish Girl doll.
(photo via Felt Dolls on Etsy)
Pakistan Doll from Kashmir.
(photo via Poppentopper)

Vintage African American Dolls.
These are my favorite kind of dolls to add to my collection. I usually shop at yard sales and flea markets to find these types of dolls. The authentic, unique, dolls with historic value.
(photo via Live Auctioneers)
A gorgeous antique French Doll.
(photo via Antique Trader)

Raggedy Andy & Raggedy Ann.
(photo via The Beat)

Shirley Temple Doll. 1930's ish.
Now how cool is this?! :)
(photo via Pinterest)

Colonial Williamsburg Doll.
I really love this doll and would just love to have something so beautiful in my collection!
(photo via Colonial Williamsburg)

Babette. Victorian Porcelain Dolls. Cathay Doll.
Thrift stores have a never ending supply of these beautiful dolls!! I just wish I could pick them all up each time I find one.
(photo via Pinterest)

A pumpkin doll.
(found via Pinterest)

Absolutely beautiful vintage doll!
(photo via The Old Pretenders)

I suppose that is all for now. I could go on and on...but that could easily bore some, so I will control myself and stop the photos for now. I will eventually post my own collection of dolls...but who knows when that will actually be. I do what to show it off. Some of the dolls in the collection I've picked up at random places and know very little about. I've researched them as best as I could and still know very little. Anyway, thank you for reading through...I promise next week will be less dull! :)

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