Sunday, December 23, 2012

DIY Couples Christmas Gift

So I will say right now that this post was specifically kept to the last minute's a totally  perfect, yet inexpensive, last minute gift idea!! I probably should've shared it earlier...but too late for that, right? Merry Christmas Eve Eve!!

In our house each year we pull out or "Christmas Mugs" and use them in place of regular mugs all month long. We've done this for year and it's one of my favorite things. Well this year is our (Autry & I) first Christmas to spend together and I thought it would be nice to get him a Christmas mugs since he didn't have one. This is one of the presents sitting under the tree now waiting for Christmas morning! (That's when my family has always opened our gifts...his family usually waits until the evening. I'm sure next year we will have quite the time coming up with our own ways of doing things and that's totally okay with me. I cannot wait!)

What You Need
A shoe box
Tissue paper
Tape & scissors
Marshmallows (mini, regular, or large)
Snack size ziploc bags
Hot Chocolate Mix (my homemade recipe here!)
Candy Canes (miniature or regular)
Wrapping paper (optional)


1. First start by wrapping the shoe box in tissue paper.
2. Paper the inside of the box before you work on the outside.
3. Put the box on top of a large piece of tissue paper and start wrapping and taping the paper in place.
4. Here's how to fold the paper on each end.
5. Fold the paper down one the inside of the box. and tape in place.
6. Repeat the same basic process for the lid. As you can see in this photo one sheet of tissue paper really wasn't thick enough to cover everything on the box.
7. Stuff the packages or homemade hot chocolate mix in baggies inside each cup. Put the cups inside the box. Make sure they won't scratch or rub on each other. These mugs are from WalMart and were only about $1.50 each!
8. Write on some place tags or pretty paper. If you know the names of the couple you can write that or if you're taking this to a White Elephant/Dirty Santa simply write "his" on one tag and "hers" on the other. There are plenty of mugs to choose from at WalMart so pick out one for each!
9. I used jumbo marshmallows for our box since that's what I had...either way, fill a snack baggie with marshmallows for each cup.
10. If you stick the zip part of the marshmallow bag down on the side of the box it won't stick up funny in the box.
11. See? Nice and no flap sticking up. Autry (my fiance) calls me a perfectionist gift wrapper. Now I'm sure you can see why he says that lol.
12. Sprinkle some candy canes on top of everything...
13. Cover with some tissue paper...
14. Put the lid on top and wrap it up in fun Christmas paper. Here is where you can find two tutorials I wrote up for wrapping Christmas gifts...or any present really.
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