Saturday, December 1, 2012

My Winter Bucket List 2012

This photo was taken on our property back home in Oklahoma in 2009 when we had a heavy ice storm. I added the really frosty effects so it'd look more wintery, but it was still a pretty photo on its own!

Okay so after I made up and completed MOST of what I wrote for My Fall Bucket List this year I realized that this was a super fun idea and I wanted to do it again! Now I am sharing with you my Winter list which I plan to complete mostly in December and January and will post the things from it as I can. I'm still writing posts from my fall list lol.

Winter Bucket List 2012:

1. Go on a night drive, listen to Christmas music, and look for Christmas lights! Probably as a date with Autry if not with the whole family!

I have all these lovely snowflakes hanging above my beed in my room and LOVE it!!

2. Make snowflakes cut out of paper. (tutorial and post coming soon!)

3. Take a picture with Santa. I've done this for years! Now that I'm in a new town it's time to find out where Santa is!!

4. Watch The Polar Express with the family & eat Caramel Popcorn! (I WROTE: Fun Snacks & Christmas Movies.)

White Christmas (1954)
(photo viaI MDb)

5. Watch White Christmas or another Christmas movie with Autry. (I WROTE: My Top 10 Christmas Movie Picks for 2012.)

Snowmen Sugar Cookies!
All original idea by Me!

6. Decorate sugar cookies. (I WROTE: Winter Bucket List | Sending Off Cookies, Snowmen Sugar Cookies)

7. Kiss Autry under mistletoe.

All stacked and ready to go into boxes to mail off!

8. Make cookies & treats to send to family and friends who are out of state.

9. Make homemade ornaments!

10. Read the Nativity story with the family.

11. Make snow ice cream! I'm in the North now so it's supposed to snow a lot more here!

12. Blow bubbles outside when it's below freezing.

13. Take photos with Autry of us wrapped up in lights.

14. Make a gingerbread manger scene (instead of the normal gingerbread house!).

15. Create a Pandora Christmas station!

16. Watch the Christmas Parade downtown! (I WROTE: Christmas Parade.)

17. Decorate Christmas cards to send via

18. Put up Christmas decorations with Autry for the first time!! Last year we were separated by distance and couldn't do this. (I WROTE: The Nutcracker Christmas Tree.)

19. Have a snowball fight.

20. Make and finish the gifts for everyone on my list. (I WROTE: DIY Individually Wrapped Hot Chocolate as a Gift, Fall Bucket List | Purple Crochet Popcorn Scarf.)

21. Wrap the gifts Autry & I bought. And wrap the homemade gifts once they're done too! (I WROTE: Wrapping Presents With Autry, DIY Individually Wrapped Hot Chocolate as a Gift.)

22. Start thinking about my New Year's resolutions and writing down ideas.

23. Girls spa day with warm winter drinks (hot chocolate or pumpkin spice latte), cookies and Christmas music!

24. Make a salt dough ornament with mine & Autry's thumbprints and the year.

25. Make stockings for Autry & I (mostly this is for next year since this year Autry will be working, but still!).

Christmas Day the milk is gone and the cookies have been (sort of) eaten!

26. Hang stockings & put out cookies for Santa. (To do with my little brother and sister.) (I WROTE: Cookies For Santa.)

27. Make wassail.

28. Make cinnamon ornaments for my tree.

29. Go through my Christmas Decor board on Pinterest and decide what I actually plan on using and delete the rest.

30. Open presents with Autry on Christmas day!

More Ideas:
~have French toast & hot chocolate for dinner
~have a sleepover under the Christmas tree
~Dinner by candlelight on the longest night of the year December 21st.
~send postcards to cousins
~make a snow globe
~Take treats to neighbors and friends
~host a Winter themed game night
~make Christmas pillow cases with your children
~host a cookie exchange
~Write letters to Santa and mail
~Call relatives & sing Christmas carols
~Make reindeer cookies
~Make a popcorn string

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  1. What a wonderful list! I just completed 20 things I want to accomplish in 2013. It would be fun to do a list for each season! -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

    1. Thanks Marcie! :) Oh cool I'm gonna come read it now!!

      Blue Eyed Beauty Blog

  2. Wow you are going to be one busy lady! Sounds like a lot of fun though. Good luck!!!

    1. Lol yes I have been quite busy, but that just means I'll have lots of fun new things to blog about!! :)


  3. Great idea to make a seasonal bucket list.

  4. Hey Helen,
    I love your bucket list. Thanks so much for sharing at Wednesday's Adorned From Above Blog Hop. This weeks party is live. I hope to see you there.
    Debi @ Adorned From Above
    Joye and Myrna @ The Busy Bee's
    Linda @ With A Blast

    1. Thanks!! :) I love making lists and I really feel like making themed lists (fall, winter, etc) really helps me to get a lot more accomplished!


  5. Hi Helen,
    These are some fun ideas.
    Welcome to the Winter Blog Walk. We have you added on our page.
    The Busy Bee's.


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