Sunday, December 23, 2012

Apostolic Links Updates #10

We've made it to 10 updates!! Congrats ladies! :)

I have two new & wonderful Apostolic Pentecostal Blogs to share with you from this past week. I have been following The Modesty Walk for quite some time, but just recently started following The Songs of Our Life.

Update #1 The Modesty Walk

The Modesty Walk is a blog about dressing modest, honoring God with our clothes, and still looking cute! I absolutely adore this blog and love reading the new (and old) posts!!

This blog is written by Natalie. It is about her journey as a worship leader, wife, and her call to ministry.

Join The Party!
Are you an Apostolic Pentecostal Blogger please stop by the AP Bloggers Page and consider linking up with these lovely ladies! Visit other blogs and/or add yours to the list! If you have trouble with the link up leave me a comment with your blog name, URL and your email and I'll get it set up for you!
Other Places Of Interest
I've worked pretty hard to create several Pinterest boards of modest clothing ideas and categories to share with Apostolic Pentecostal girls to inspire & encourage modest dress. I hope you'll stop by some of these and check them out: Apostolic Blogs, Apostolic Style, Apostolic Hair, Apostolic Skirts, Apostolic Tops, and Apostolic Dresses. There is also a Facebook page: Apostolic Pentecostals on Pinterest.


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