Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Fall Bucket List | Photos of Trees, Leaves, & Hay

Item #11 on My Fall Bucket List: Go on a nature walk and take the camera. I actually went on several walks, but most of the time I would either forget the camera or I would bring it but only remember it after we were almost done. I only got a few photos throughout the fall, but here they are at last!
This beautiful leaf was photographed during the photo session of Day 1 with my sister Val. Check those photos out over at Angel Light Photography by Helen's blog!
This is the neighbors' tree and the photo I used to create the My Fall Bucket List image!
A tree at a park Autry & I visited when we went on a picnic.
I love this color! This bush was actually in our yard and stayed this color for almost two months before the leaves fell off overnight. Now it looks like an ugly bush, but I do miss the bright cheeriness of the leaves!!
Although this photo is blurred I just love it because it reminds me of back home where I am used to seeing lots of field full of hay bales all sitting in their random places waiting to be picked up later on. This photo was taken while driving down the road, but I still think it looks cool!
These are the few photos I collected from my fall adventures. Did you collect any photographs of yours?

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