Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Challenge | Fit Arms Part 2

Last month (August) I wrote this post explaining how I wanted to start working out my arms. The goal was to do 20 arm workouts of the following routine using 5 lb. weights:

~BICEP CURLS. I think we all know how to do these, but just in case. Hold your arms with your forearms towards the ceiling and your elbows at your sides. Lift the weights up towards your shoulder, not moving your elbows.
~FORWARD ARM LIFT. Hold your weight at your side. Lift forward without turning your arm in any direction.
~BACK ARM LIFT. This is reverse of the forward arm lift.
~SIDE ARM LIFT. Lift the weight out from your side and back down again.
~PUNCH. Weights in your hand, bring your arms up like you would punch someone. One at a time punch the right arm out while the left arm is at your chest. When your right hand comes back to your chest, punch your left arm out.
~LEVEL. Bring your elbows up to be even with your shoulders. Place your hands, holding weights, fist to fist. Take your right arm and swing it out away from your body, keeping your elbow level with your shoulder. When your hand comes back, repeat with the left arm.
~ABOVE ARM LIFT. Bring your arm above your head to where your hand touches your shoulder. Lift the weight up so your arm is almost fully extended.

Well, that plan fell through. I got three workouts in the whole month. Part of the reason is because I was too lazy, part of the reason is because the 5 lb. weights are in high demand around here so I couldn't keep them in my room where I'd see them every day, and part of the reason is I forgot about the plan altogether.

Yesterday, on my Exercise Encouragement Group Blog, I wrote a post on motivation...or more like: What Motivates You? While writing this post I was thinking about how badly I had failed last month in my goal to start working out my arms regularly. This is when I realized I had been pretty lazy/non motivated and thus the reason for the failure.

In the post I asked six questions for the readers. The third question was this: does your goal need to change? is it perhaps too big? I answered: My goal was to have fit arms in three months. I think I need to focus on a smaller goal of working out my arms three times a week instead and see how that goes.

So now we have my new goal for working towards fit arms. I plan to workout my arms three times each week, and use the 3 lb. weights instead of 5 lb. weights (since they are not being used by anyone else right now) so that I can keep them on my nightstand as a twice daily reminder to workout my arms. I will post at the end of this month/early next month to let you know how the plan is going. I think this is a much more reasonable goal and one that is reachable for me right now.


  1. You are too funny! But, yes, you are right, it needs to be easy & accessible, and goals should be small, so that you feel like you can do them! Good Luck!
    -Daisy Nguyen from PS BANANAS fashion blog:

    1. Lol I'm glad someone thinks I'm funy. And thanks! I really do want to have nice arms...I just need to work on making smaller goals for myself.



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