Sunday, April 21, 2013

Blogger Announcment | Promoting With Pinterest

Non-Blogger Readers you may want to go ahead and ignore this post since it's all blogger related things! Sorry!!

Everyone else, please read on!

Recently I was invited to join several different boards on Pinterest. Now at first I was reluctant to join them, but eventually I gave in and realized that group boards are a PERFECT way to promote your blog posts.! I've decided to give these multi-contributor boards a try.

First things must be a blogger, and of course to be added as a contributor to a board I would like to be a reader of your blog! Now I've never done a group board of my own, but if this first one goes well then I'll create four more boards for a total of FIVE group boards on my account.

So the first board I am making will be all about desserts! If you're a blogger who shares or has shared a dessert recipe in the past now's your time to step up and promote it!
If you'd like to contribute to the board please EMAIL ME and I'll get you set up!
{p.s. in your email please let me know which email to use--if it's different--to add you as a contributor!}

-Will post/share ONLY dessert posts.
-Will link directly to the recipe post.
-Will put in the comment of the pin the name of the dessert and who it's by {Example: Edible Cookie Dough Bites. Recipe by Helen @ Blue Eyed Beauty Blog}
-Will follow the board.
-Will not post anything except for dessert posts. Anything else will be removed.

Approved Board Contributors
Angie @ God's Growing Garden
Annie @ Annie's Noms
Debi @ Adorned From Above
Kari @ Cupcakes & Bling
Lisa @ Akawest
Melissa @ Design.Eat.Repeat.
Rob @ Bepa's Garden

Check out some of these dessert posts from my blog!
{click photo to view recipe in a different window}


  1. Sending you an e-mail, going to give it a try. I found you on Let's Get Social Sunday.


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