Saturday, April 6, 2013

Moving In Day

Okay so I realize this is like, what, three/four months? late...but still totally worth the photos! Wow I sound lame. Anyway...I have to say that going back through old photos to find the correct ones for this post made me realize just how much I have accomplished in the last four months! And that was quite encouraging since I tend to be AND feel quite lazy lately. Without further ado...the photos of our Moving In Day!

These first two photos are of my old bedroom and then the garage full of stuff to move into the apartment. Let me just say: the photos don't show half of it!

All the furniture in this photo had to be moved...including the bed.

And this is the garage with most of my stuff in boxes.

Buddy would watch as things were being moved into vehicles to be transported to their new home. He could tell that something big was happening...

I told him 'sit' one last time. I gave him a hug around the neck and a kiss on his head and promised him I would be back to visit often...

Now the photos of loading everything up to cart over to the new home:

This car was packed out...trunk, full back seat. Only the front seat had nothing in it.

Autry. You can see by the goofy grin on his face that he was excited!

And now the 'before' photos of the apartment with nothing in it! What a weird thing to see after living in this apartment for a few months now!

Top Left: Living room. Top Right: Kitchen.
Middle Left: Dining room. Middle Right: Bathroom.
Bottom Left: Bedroom #1 {craft}. Bottom Right: Bedroom #2 {master}.

And the neighborhood cat, Boots!

He wandered in and made himself quite at home on my couch...I had to push him out the door eventually though because we didn't pay a deposit to have a pet so he couldn't stay inside our apartment too long. He was so soft and beautiful though and very friendly. He likes to be petted and enjoys sitting on the couch next to you.

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  1. Buddy is gorgeous! -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

  2. I'm happy for you!
    I'm following gfc.

  3. Oh I so remember moving day. It's so overwhelming and so exciting all together

  4. Cool pics! Buddy looks so cute, supervising the move ;-)


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