Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Wednesday Weekly Review #24

I'm really excited about today because it's time for The Great Blog Train link party AND the change out of sponsors here on Blue Eyed Beauty Blog! Be sure to check out the blogs I've been sponsoring the last three months!! There are some pretty good ones there too!

Blogs I'm Following
1. A Beautiful Ruckus. Blog. Bloglovin.
2. According to Jax. Blog. Bloglovin.
3. Jane Austen's World. Blog. Bloglovin.
4. Fresh Modesty. Blog. Bloglovin.
5. Chelsyea's Natural Journey. Blog. Bloglovin. (AP Blog!)
6. Adorned From Above. Blog. Bloglovin.

Jan/Feb/March Sponsors
1. Confessions of a Busy, Busy Bee. Blog. Bloglovin.
2. Dolores Said Something. Blog. Bloglovin. (AP Blog!)
3. Don't Think or Judge, Just Listen. Blog. Bloglovin.
4. Eclectic Darling. Blog. Bloglovin.
5. God's Growing Garden. Blog. Bloglovin.
6. Happy Cottage Quilter. Blog. Bloglovin.
7. Hope & Sugar. Blog. Bloglovin.
8. Keep Calm & Wear Pearls. Blog. Bloglovin.
9. Keeping Plus. Sunshine & Rain. Blog. Bloglovin.
10. Lil Something To Chew On. Blog. Bloglovin.
11. Love Woke Me Up This Morning. Blog. Bloglovin.
12. Me & The Moon. Blog. Bloglovin.
13. My Life According To Pinterest. Blog.
14. Nada Nada Limonada. Blog. Bloglovin.
15. Notions From Nonny. Blog. Bloglovin. (AP Blog!)
16. On Being A Princess. Blog. Bloglovin.
17. One Red Shoe. Blog. Bloglovin.
18. Passion, Pink & Pearls. Blog. Bloglovin.
19. Piece, Love & Cooking. Blog. Bloglovin.
20. Pinstriped Penguin. Blog. Bloglovin.
21. Prowess & Pearls. Blog. Bloglovin.
22. Rain on a Tin Roof. Blog. Bloglovin.
23. SecondHand Couture. Blog. Bloglovin.
24. She Seeketh Christ. Blog. Bloglovin. (AP Blog!)
25. Simply Free. Blog. Bloglovin.
26. Southern Sunflowers & Coffee Beans. Blog. Bloglovin.
27. Stone Cottage Adventures. Blog. Bloglovin.
28. Sugar & Stripes. Blog. Bloglovin.
29. Susana The Deaf Lady. Blog. Bloglovin.
30. Sweet Love & Ginger. Blog. Bloglovin.
31. The Domesticated Princess. Blog. Bloglovin.
32. The Pentecostal Lookbook. Blog. Bloglovin.
33. The Things We Find Inside. Blog. Bloglovin.
34. Walking In My Shoes. Erica Start Walking. Blog. Bloglovin.
35. Let Them Eat Cake. xoxo Rebecca. Blog. Bloglovin.

Blog's with a line through it are no more. If they started a new blog I've inserted that info just after the name they were using at the time we swapped buttons. 

Featured? Grab a Button!
On the left sidebar click the "grab a button" tab (or click the link) and scroll down to the "I was featured @ Blue Eyed Beauty Blog" button to share on your blog!!!

Interested In Seeing More Blogs?
If you loved these blogs, you may enjoy the other's I've featured since the birth of The Wednesday Weekly Review. How can you find them without going through each post? Easy! Just view all the buttons on my Pinterest board: Blogs I've Featured!


  1. So many great blogs to read!!

  2. I see many blogs I follow myself as well :-)

  3. I am following you via Blog Lovin now too!

  4. Forgot to say I grabbed your button. Thanks!

  5. Thanks for featuring me!


  6. Wow! Thank you so much for this. :)

  7. Thanks!!!! This is so great :-)

  8. Thanks so much for the mention! :)

  9. Thanks so much Helen! You're such a blessing! May the support you give out, come back to you more than you could ever imagine! Have a blessed weekend my friend! :)

  10. Hey Helen,
    Thanks so much for the follow and feature. I love your blog. This is truly an honor.
    Have a great weekend.

  11. Thanks for sharing Helen! This is definitely a handful of blog that I can continue reading and subscribing to! Sorry I haven't been here in a while but I haven't forgotten :) I hope you get to own a favorable apartment of your own soon!


  12. Thank you sooo much for featuring me!!!! :)

  13. Thanks for featuring my blog! I know I'm a little late to say thanks! Things have been crazy around here!
    Jenna @ Rain on a Tin Roof

  14. Thanks for this blog!! Extremely helpful for me as I have just recently started blogging and I am looking for great blogs to follow!! :)
    Please check out mine!? Would mean a lot!!! - xx

  15. Thanks for the feature! I missed it when it first came out. :)

    1. Thank you a million. It's cool to see my blog up there. :)


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