Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Apostolic Style | Modest Sport & Active Wear

Hi ladies! Are you one of those people who enjoy wearing skirts...even when working out?? Well I am! Today I found this online store {Apostolic Sportwear} which sells Running/Walking Skirts for anywhere from $26 through $37 depending on the style and/or size. This is definitely something to look into if you're not the crafty type who can sew a pair of shorts into a running skirt yourself. (If you are the crafty type, check out this tutorial from Notions For Nonny on transforming sweat pants to a running skirt!).

I like breathable fabrics especially in the Spring and Summer months when the weather is either warm or just pure heat! I do hope you'll check this out and if you purchase anything I'd love to know what you think about the products!!

Here are a few items they have for sale:

{photos via the Apparel Gallery}

Here are a few other places to check out if you're interested in modest sport wear:

Know of any others? Let me know so I can add them!


  1. Thanks for the links! As a runner (in a skirt) I'm always looking for new modest sites. Here are a couple of my favorites:
    Dressing for His Glory http://www.dressingforhisglory.com/ (I have the Athletic Exercise Skort and wear it running and cycling)
    Modest Activewear http://modestactivewear.blogspot.com/
    I have the skort and top and have worn it kayaking.

    1. Yes! I remembered we talked about modest active wear a LONG time ago! I'm checking out the links now! Thank you for sharing them!! I like to keep links here on the Blogs I Love page.

      Blue Eyed Beauty Blog
      Exercise Encouragement Group Blog

  2. Those are really cute options. I run in regular clothes, but I have a friend who truly prefers skirts. This site will be a real find for her. :) Thanks for sharing Helen.

  3. Yaaaay! I was just telling my husband I need to find a new skirt!! Thanks once again for the shout out!! You are so kind!! :-)

    1. Hey Sis Kendrick!!!! Yes....did you ever order from Cori? Love ya!!! (((hugs))) modestactivewear.blogspot.com


  4. Those look really similar to the Hue Activewearthat I wear. I'll have to give those a try and compare them to see which I like better.

  5. I make custom athletic skirts here for a perfect fit!:


  6. Thank you for this post! I am Independent Baptist and dress modestly. I have 3 daughters, and I was scouring the web for exercise skirts that come at least to the knees! I love the Dressing for His Glory website!!! We are doing tennis lessons, and I always try to let my girls (and everyone else!!!) know that you CAN dress modestly and still participate in life! Yay for these finds! :)


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