Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Computer Issues

Hello lovely readers! If you have noticed the lack of posting the last few days it is because I'm having a lot of computer issues and haven't been able to write or post! {or respond to emails either!!} :( Basically my laptop screen is coming apart from the rest of the laptop and causing some pretty major problems. I will be taking my laptop to be repaired hopefully next week, but it will take probably another three weeks before I get it back...I will TRY to write a few posts and get them scheduled before that happens so that everything stays fairly active while I'm "off the air". This is really aggravating for me and frustrating as well, but fortunately my warranty is still valid. it should be an easy repair even though it will be time consuming. So dear readers, please bear with me as I work through this issue. I will be back on regular posting asap!


  1. You could go to the library a couple times to post to!!! :)

  2. Great idea Mary FRANCES!!
    You will be missed! I hope it is a fast repair!!

  3. Wishing for speedy tech workers!

  4. Oh wow, that's terrible! I hope they fix it quickly! At least you won't be "off air" for bad reasons. :)

    Krys @ Sunshine&Rain


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