Sunday, April 28, 2013

Apostolic Pentecostal Everything!


All you Apostolic Pentecostal people out there reading this: I need your help!! I'm working on putting together a combination of things which are specifically for AP people! I'm working on creating {hopefully} huge lists of links for each of the following things. If you're interested in contributing to the list and connecting with other Pentecostals then please either leave me a comment on this post or send me an email! I would LOVE to hear from you and would appreciate any help you may have in sharing other sites of interest! Thank you in advance!

Pages I Will Be Opening
Everything that I plan to link off of the following pages will lead directly to Apostolic Pentecostal people & ways to connect with them! If you'd like to be on one or all of the lists please let me know so I can get you added!!!

CHURCHES: If you currently attend a wonderful Apostolic Pentecostal (UPC) Church please send me the church name, location and if possible a way to contact that church! Service times would be a plus too!

DEVOTIONS: If you have come across a great devotion written by any Apostolic Pentecostal person please email me a link so I can add it to the list! I would love to have a large selection of things for people to be able to read and feel encouraged!

BLOGS TO READ: If you are an Apostolic Pentecostal Blogger I'd love to have you on this list!!! However, if you KNOW of any AP blogs please send me URL's so I can add them for other people to find! I know there are quite a few AP bloggers out there and I'd love for us to be able to connect!
This page is up! Check it out here!!

SHOPS & STORES: If you're AP and you have an online shop or store {etsy, storenvy, facebook page} please feel free to email me your info! I would love to write a post about your products to share them with my readers and fellow Pentecostals as well...if you'd be interested in this please include that in your email too.

WEBSITES: There are a lot of websites (not blogs, shops or stores!!) out there for Pentecostal people. If you know of any of these please send me links so I can get those added! Thank you!

ON FACEBOOK: To clarify, this is NOT a list of Facebook profile pages of people, this is a list I want to put together of different pages which are groups of Pentecostals from different areas, churches, etc. If you are apart of any AP Facebook "fan" pages, I'd love to know about them and be able to share them with other Pentecostals as well!

ON INSTAGRAM: Do you share cute hairstyles, outfits, etc. on Instagram? If so you're more than welcome to email me your link to be added to this list!

ON PINTEREST: If you're AP and you pin send me your link! I personally really enjoy following my AP friends on Pinterest to see what cute things they're sharing!
This page is up! View it here!!

ON POLYVORE: You outfit creators out there now have a chance to share your creations! Send me your link to be added to this list!

ON TWITTER: If you tweet & want to share those with others please send me your link to be added to this list!

If I missed an area that needs to be added PLEASE let me know so I can create that! I'd like to have as many of everything as I can so that all of us AP people are able to connect easily!


  1. here's a really good AP fashion and hair youtuber

  2. For Gospel's Sake
    Online Christian Magazine
    Twitter/Facebook/Youtube: 4GospelSake


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