Monday, April 8, 2013

ASL | The Journey Begins

Hi everyone! I wanted to write a little about a new adventure I've started thanks to the wonderful opportunity provided by Sister Wendy at our church! Each Tuesday night we have a Sign Language class where she has been teaching 15-20 people how to sign ASL. It has been a really wonderful opportunity and I am LOVING learning ASL.

I have only learned a few things since beginning the class (I've only actually attended 3 classes so far) but I really do feel hopeful and positive since I've managed to retain the information that I'm learning which has been a hard thing for me to do since The Car Wreck. I am SO excited that after three weeks I can still remember how to sign "I live with my husband. His name is Autry"! I think it is fabulous!

In my journey I would like to share resources I find useful and/or helpful in learning ASL. As I said, so far I only know a little, but I do hope that will grow as the days and lessons go by.


  1. how cool. I used to know some sign language, but forgot it with lack of use. I would love to learn it again.

  2. How very exciting!! We have several ladies that are fluent in sign language in our church. When they translate, I am so distracted by watching them. Artistic people usually do very should do well too!!

    Take care!!

  3. Good for you!! I'm proud of you taking on this task. Not only for your benefit, but you can help others along the way who have hearing loss.

  4. I am full Deaf and ASL is my language!
    Cook luck in your journey you will love
    it :-)

  5. I have also recently began learning ASL. My church recently had a deaf ministry come and ever since then I have come to love the deaf culture and their language:) I hope you enjoy learning ASL!


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