Friday, August 31, 2012

August Is Done, Now For September Goals

I won't lie. August was a disappointing blogging month for me. Why? Well, I didn't get half the stuff done that I wanted to...and on top of that I either had laptop problems (the first two weeks) or I couldn't post (the last 4 days of the month). It was very aggravating.

Anyway, one goal I have for September is to have less than 30 draft posts at the end of the month. Is this possible? We will see... Right now I have 50 exactly and that's probably including this post that I am writing right now. Why do I want to do this? Because I don't like seeing all these posts there in the draft box. I need to wrap them up and get them out of there. For most of them there is no point in them sitting there half done.

Another goal I have for September is to do more refashions. A few days ago I went through all of the clothes I had in piles all over my floor. (It was to the point that I was walking on clothes to get anywhere in my room.) I looked at each thing and said, "is this something I will work on in the next month?" If I said no then I put it in a box to be stored for future use, but if I said yes it went in a separate box under my other sewing machine table. There are probably about 10 things in that box right now. I can say that I probably won't do all of them next month, but there's a high possibility that I'll work on a lot of them.

Also, for September, I plan to wrap up some of the loose ends I left in August. To be specific I would like to:
1. Get the Granola Bar recipe down. I have the flavor perfect but I can't seem to keep the bars from falling apart once they're made. Still needing some little changes made in the recipe. 
2. I have one more Life Goals post to make. I've made four of them, but I still have the most important one left: current goals.
3. The promised Bible study. It is so close to being done, I just have to make myself finish it and I plan to do that in September.
4. The post on how to take care of your nails. It is actually almost completely written, but my nails were not cooperating this past month. In the first week, while I was peeling apples, I accidently sliced off part of my nail on my left hand...and it has taken its sweet time growing out properly. I have got it even now, but it's not long at all. Anyway, this post will for sure be popping up in September.
5. The ranch dressing recipe. I was unable to make this for a lot of reasons, but I will try harder to make this recipe happen in September.
6. Get rid of 100 things. My sister actually joined me in this and we went 50/50 instead of 100 items. She got her 50 and so far I have found 26 items...I just need to find a few more and then I'll get this post out.
7. The arm workout. Complete fail! Ugh!! I think I only lifted weights three days and they were no where near close to each other. In order to pick up on this personal goal I have decided to use 3 lb. weights (which aren't in high demand around here) so I can leave them on my nightstand where I will see them minimum of two times each day and will have no excuse for forgetting to workout my arms.
8. Oh, and The Queen's Quilt is not done yet either. I don't know if I'll work on it very much in September...but honestly I should really be cracking down and wrapping it up. It's almost done...I've just been lazy.
9. Oh yes, and the blog button. Grrrr! I have tried writing that stupid code so many times it's not even funny! :( I am doing something wrong, but I seriously can't figure out what it is. I will keep trying and hopefully I will eventually get it.

September should be mostly a sewing month with a few recipes. I don't have big plans for cooking up anything new, but then I never know what I'll make when I end up in the kitchen! I do know that I plan to sew a lot so be looking for photo's of finished items and probably a few tutorials as well.

I hope that you all had a wonderful August! Mine really wasn't too bad all things considered. :)

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